This is Too Easy, no?

Well, I weighed myself on both scales just now. The new digital scale is off about a pound to the older one, but either way, I am down another 2-3 pounds! Something must be wrong! How can the weight be coming off so easily? I am scared it’s just a temporary thing and the next weigh in, it’s going to come back! But hopefully it’s good and gone!

185 baby or 184 depending on which one you believe. I am going with the higher 185. 15 pounds total. Too amazing!

I am now @ 1580 calories at myfitnesspal. Still a good amount of food.

PS. I was sooo good last night too. We were all meeting over at my inlaws, and they were supposed to be having pizza. I figured I would eat at home because I already had pizza last night (Newman’s Own thin crust 4 cheese, yum).

They ended up having various frozen pizzas from the grocery store, so I am glad I ate before hand, just because that stuff isn’t that great and to me, it wouldn’t be worth all the extra calories.

I did have a small piece of zucchini cake which was delicious. Probably about 200 calories.

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