Stonyfield Farms Frozen Yogurt

I love Stonyfield Farms Frozen Yogurt. We bought a pint a few weeks ago, and I thought it was delicious. I wish I could remember which flavor it was. It think it was the Cookies & Dream flavor.

Since I am now trying to eat healthier, it’s even better because it tastes great and the ingredients are healthier (and more natural) than some of the other low calorie ice cream offerings.

I bought a pint of Creme Caramel for myself and had a serving tonight with some fruit. It was delicious, loaded with caramel swirls. I didn’t miss the extra fat and calories at all!

Here is the nutritional data on the Creme Caramel flavor:

stonyfield farms frozen yogurt nutritional data
stonyfield farms frozen yogurt nutritional data

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