Darn, that Bogus Pound from Yesterday

Well yesterday morning’s weigh in must have been a fluke. I am back up to just 6 lbs loss today. Not a bad thing, just a little disappointing.

I know my weight is going to fluctuate a lot, and this is just a lesson to not weigh myself every day.

We’re heading out on vacation today so I am hoping I will keep up my good habits!

Whoo hooooo! Another Pound!

I weighed myself again this morning BEFORE breakfast, and it looks like I am down another pound, at least. It might be more, but again, my eyes are so bad, that I can’t see exactly where the little line is. But it’s definitely lower than yesterday’s weigh in after breakfast.

So, that makes at least 7 lbs!

I am soo happy! I hope I can keep it up!

Whoo whoo, down one more lb

wow, I am shocked. We’re in the middle of a summer heat wave, and I have been feeling bloated and just plain “heavy”

I weighed myself this morning after breakfast and a shower, and I am shocked! I am down at least one more pound. I am near sighted, so it’s hard to read the scale exactly. I think I need a digital scale!

Whoo hooo!