141 – Up a Little Bit, but Not For Long

I’ve been extra hungry lately…eating extra calories. I’m not making bad food choices, but still going over my total calories. Sometimes you just need an extra “kick in the pants” to set you straight. I weighed in this morning, and was a touch over 141 pounds.

I don’t think the weight I’ve gained is anything but temporary, so today, I did much better!

But the good news is, I’ve been sticking to my deal for working out twice weekly, and I haven’t had a hot flash in weeks! Life is good!

So, here’s my post to keep it honest….keeping it accountable! I expect to be back down to 138/139 very soon!

Size 10 Jeans!

We went up to LL Bean Outlet this afternoon to check out jeans. I had a gift card credit.

They had a ton of clothes on sale @ 50% off! There was a small section of jeans, and I immediately picked out a couple of size 12 tall (and med tall). I had figured out previously that the classic fit was the best for my shape.

And then on a whim, I thought, why not try on a size 10!

Side note: I was a little bummed out the other day when reading a forum post. Other girls that were approximately the same weight and height as me (139 lbs, 5’8″) and they were wearing a size 8 or 10. I couldn’t understand why I was still wearing a size 12.

So, anyway, back to the size 10. In the dressing room, I tried a couple of 12’s and there was wiggle room, so on go the size 10. Bam! Yes! It fit very nicely, with even a little room to spare! And mind you, this was after lunch at Chipotle Grill!

Of course, at this point, I went back to the jeans shelves, and tried to find more size 10 Tall. I found one more and was thrilled that they together they were only about $18! Bargain shopper!

I also found a cute little spring jacket for $8.50 and a size small turtleneck for $5.

It was a great day! I am so happy that I’m wearing a size 10 now! If I remember correctly, I was in a size 7/8 in my 20’s, and I don’t anticipate that I’d ever go that low, so a size 10 is very special! :)

See You Next Year

It’s New Year’s Eve! We’re going to splurge. Our last dinner of 2010 is going to be Italian, I’m thinking I’ll pick up take out from the Macaroni Grill. Something extravagant and yummy!

So, what about New Year resolutions?

I don’t recommend general “weight loss” resolutions. Why? Because weight loss starting in the winter, right after the holidays, is difficult. The weather is colder, so it’s difficult to become active and start exercising. Metabolism is down, way down, and depression is up due to the lack of sun. It’s difficult and expensive to find fresh seasonal produce, thus making it harder to eat healthier.

Winter, in my opinion, is not the optimal time to start a whole ‘gung ho’ weight loss commitment!

“I want to lose weight, I want to eat healthier, I want to exercise more” are all too broad and general, and sadly bound for failure.

Weight loss requires a lifestyle change. And that requires baby steps, gradually making small changes, leading to larger changes.

How about one of these baby steps instead:

I am going to stop buying processed food (Lean Cuisine, Campbell’s Soup etc) for lunch.
I will start eating 100% whole grain/wheat bread
I will limit my sodium intake to under 2500mg per day
I am going to start drinking 8 glasses of water every day.
I will eat one meatless dinner per week
I will exercise at least one time per week
I am going to start eating homemade meals at least 3 times per week
I am going to sign up for a local CSA share.
I will eat an apple or other fruit once a day.
I am going to start taking a multi-vitamin every day.

Baby steps lead to real lifestyle changes!

So, what are MY New Year Resolutions?

  1. I would like to read and clean up my email inbox. That would be a nice challenge, for the new year. I also need to unsubscribe from a lot of newsletters and lists that I don’t ever read. They are just clogging up my life and my inbox.
  2. I also would like to commit to be nicer to others. I can be so hot headed sometimes, and I speak before I think. I would like to make up for some mistakes in the past. KARMA baby!!!!

Final Thoughts

My health is good. I feel terrific! I don’t remember feeling this good EVER. My energy is up and so is my metabolism! The 60 pounds that I’ve lost has lead me to a wonderful new appreciation of myself, and I’m looking forward to 2011 as being another healthy happy year.

I wish everyone reading this a Happy Healthy New Year. I hope my words haven’t discouraged anyone from starting on their weight loss journey! I wish only success to those that are yearning for a healthier lifestyle!


Happy Merry Christmas To All

It was a great Christmas! Just relaxing and hanging out today! Trying to get back to normal eating! I think I’m on sugar overload! LOL

Didn’t do too horribly badly eating this weekend. Friday night we were at the inlaws for Christmas Eve, eating comfort foods I eat probably only once a year. Hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls, scallops wrapped in bacon, chicken teriyaki, pecan pie. We brought braised beef with onions, and gingerbread cookies.

Saturday wasn’t as great as Friday night. Carando spiral ham, potato kugali, shrimp with cocktail sauce, taco dip with corn chips, raw vegetables, egg nog, and a whole bunch more sweets, like cookies, chocolate truffles, lemon meringue pie, but I am back to basics today. Feeling good!!! Eating so much processed food makes me feel unhealthy, so I am really happy to be coming back to eating clean again! Funny how that works!

I was actually down to 138.2 on Thursday morning! I keep losing more weight. I don’t know why exactly, but hopefully it’s normal. I visited my doctor a few weeks ago, and my blood work was normal. I’ll be seeing her again in January, so we’ll see what she says.

It was a very Merry Christmas! I enjoyed seeing my family and having a great time together!!!

My Wedding Dress

Okay, I’ve been fluctuating between 145ish and 142ish all month, and this morning, I was down to 141.4. So, on a whim this morning, I thought, what the heck, let’s try on the old wedding dress. And I did. And it fit. It fit!!!!

My butt actually looks smaller in the dress now than it did back in 1994! I am psyched beyond belief!

I remember trying to try the dress on, a few months ago, but it wasn’t quite there yet. And now, wow, I am just thrilled. It’s amazing! If this isn’t motivation and inspiration for me to keep doing what I’m doing, then I don’t know what is! YAHOOO! I like being this weight. It’s healthy and I feel good! I don’t want to ever go backward!

(Note: my wedding dress isn’t actually one of those long flowing gowns, it’s literally an off-white lace dress.)

142.6 – NO Way!

I am shocked. This morning I weighed myself and I am now down to 142.6 – this can’t be correct! I know it sounds like whining, but how can I still be losing weight without even trying? I keep worrying that there is something wrong with me, like an illness or something.

I really hate to sound like I am complaining, because I love that I keep losing, but at the same time, the worry-wort in me keeps popping up!

I’ll see what happens tomorrow AM on the scale.

145.8 – Yay Even Lower!

Weighed in this AM, and I’m even lower at 145.6! Crazy! It could be a temporary fluke, but either way, I’m staying within my goal weight. hmm, what is my goal weight exactly anyway? I think I feel my best at 147ish.

Especially since I have been eating more calories! My allotted daily calories are 1800 and most days I’ve been very close to the total, but since I eat when I am hungry, (and sometimes even when I am not hungry) I sometimes go over. It’s most always clean eating, so I think that is the difference! I’m not gorging on processed foods! But I am eating dark chocolate, nuts, homemade bread, etc.

This AM, I am eating toasted homemade whole wheat sunflower rosemary bread with a little bit of olive oil butter on it. For lunch, I’m planning toasted bread with 1/2 can of low sodium tuna, made with horseradish mustard & mayo. I plan on also eating a small peanut butter chocolate chip muffin and probably some cut up fruit and carrots. All delicious and nutritious!

Time to Do Better

Well, our last summer vacation is over! We had a really great summer, but truthfully, part of me is glad that we’re done with vacations for now. I didn’t revert all the way back to old ways, but with each week on vacation, I got more and more comfortable with eating bad unhealthy foods.

Yes, I worked out every day on vacation, but I feel so icky and unhealthy inside. I feel bloated, gross, and fat. I know I’m not fat, but I don’t feel “right”. I hate that I’ve come this close again to poor choices.

I hate that I feel helpless.

Helpless because I know what’s right, but I can’t stop myself from making the wrong decision. Example. We got ice cream close to every day last week. Not that bad because we were walking almost a mile (up/down hills) to the ice cream stand, and I was only getting kiddie portions. But one day, while out driving, we stopped for ice cream, and I got a kiddie cup and couldn’t stop myself from also ordering a piece of chocolate cake as well. I knew it was wrong, I knew the ice cream was enough of a treat, but my compulsion took over and won the fight. Ugh. It was not a good feeling, and it’s shameful looking back on it now.

And that’s why I am glad vacations are over. I can hopefully get back to healthy eating, and get back to feeling fantastic inside and out. I don’t want to beat myself up too much over this, because that is not a healthy attitude either. I know that an occasional treat can be beneficial and I can’t obsess over it! There has to be a balance between good and evil. But for the most of the month of August, the evil was tipping the scales!

Weighed myself this AM, and thankfully, I’m 147.6 – Saturday when we got home (mid afternoon), I was 149+ so it’s a relief that I haven’t gained as much weight as I feel like I have on the inside.

Today is Monday, new day, new week! I am going to do better! Not going to obsess over my bad choices. Just get over it, and move on.

I have to remember to take each experience as a lesson to learn more about myself! The more I realize about myself, the more powerful I become, and the less power the compulsion will have!

147.8 – Up

Well, it’s either my lack of actual exercise that’s catching up with me, or maybe my occasional “cheat” is the culprit. Hmm, could be the time of month too. But I will not allow it to get me down. So, I’m up a little bit. It’s going to happen every once in awhile. I just have to do the best I can and live as healthy as I can. Don’t let it worry me too much. I am sure I will be on the downside again very soon!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, with my biopsy and my mom’s operation. I think it just caught up with me.