Today Was a Good Day

I drove my bike to the library, about a mile away. It was a flat easy ride, and I tried to pedal most of the way.

I got a menu from a new Asian restaurant, so I figured we would treat ourselves. It was fabulous. I got Japanese hibachi chicken with veggies and brown rice, and it came with the most delicious hot & sour soup. OMG, fantastic. Yummy!

I did taste a lot of sugar in the brown sauce, but I don’t think it was too bad. I do have lots left over for lunch tomorrow.

I think I am getting much better at making good choices every day!

Sugar The Bitter Truth

Very interesting video. 90 minutes long, and really boring and scientific in a lot of parts, but stick it out and toward the end, he brings it all together summing it up!

I am not going to give up sugar all together by any means, but it did give me an incentive to cut way down on sugar, except for berries, fruits, etc.