Baked Chicken With Shallots Recipe

Made some wonderfully simple baked chicken with shallots tonight. Very easy and simple.

Serves 2

Two (halved) chicken breasts (approx 4 – 6 oz each)
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Chopped/Diced Shallots (one or two bulbs) – if you don’t have shallots, onions will do
Misc Herbs and/or spices, salt and pepper

Place chopped shallots in 8 inch square baking pan
Drizzle 1 Tbsp Olive Oil over the shallots
Mix oil and shallots together
Add Chicken pieces, flip to coat both sides of chicken with oil and shallots. Spoon shallot mixture over chicken.
Season with spices, salt & pepper.

baked chicken and shallots before baking

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