Pondering Toast vs Bread Calories

A few weeks ago, I was wondering if my toast had less calories than bread. I googled, and duh, of course the calories are the same, they are just calculated differently.

For instance, before toasting, my serving of bread was 2.5 oz, after it’s turned to toast, the weight was reduced to 1.6 oz – no, the calories didn’t disappear, but moisture inside the bread did, taking away a good chunk of its weight.

That is a whole ounce difference, which could lead to overeating if you’re not careful to weigh your bread BEFORE toasting it. If you have to weigh bread after toasting, then you would need to calculate the calories as toast NOT bread.

I love toast, it makes day-old bread taste amazing – just make sure not to burn it!

toasted bread

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Quinoa Pasta with Raw Tomato Sauce

It’s Raw week over at the “I Heart Cooking Clubs” web site. Raw? Hmm, what kind of inventive dish could I make that’s raw?

I launched the Mark Bittman “How To Cook Everything” iPhone app and searched for “raw” – the first recipe that popped up was “Linguine with Raw Tomato Sauce” – oh that sounded good.

I was hungry for lunch this afternoon, so I decided to make one serving for me.

simple ingredients

The ingredients and cooking steps are so simple, it’s laughable!

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Corn on the Cob

corn on the cob fresh from the CSA farm

We got 3 ears of fresh sweet corn on the cob in the CSA share this week.

My DH was going out for the evening, and I was hungry. I couldn’t waste time cooking the corn, so I ate all three raw, as a late afternoon snack. Oh it was fabulous. Brought me back to my childhood at our summer house. My mom used to buy fresh corn at the farm and we used to eat an ear or two raw. Yum, I just love corn. I don’t believe the nah-sayers that say it’s not good for you!

corn on the cob fresh from the CSA farm