Project Food Budget / My Healthy Budget: January Wk 2

Project: Food Budget Weekly total: $92.33

My healthy budget goal is to eat seasonal, home-cooked meals while sticking to a $308.49 $400 monthly budget for all food including groceries, dining out, entertaining, vitamins/supplements, and spices/herbs.

There’s two of us eating 3 (mostly) meals per day. Breakfasts are usually light, and we try to eat left-overs for lunch. My husband occasionally eats take-out lunch at work, & that $ comes out of his personal cash stash.

January – Month Three, Week Two

project food budget

This week, I’ve spent $92.33 for a monthly grand total of $132.07, which leaves $176.42 for the rest of the January.

I don’t want to jinx myself and say I’m doing well this month! ;P

Dining Out: $21.00
Groceries: $71.33

Lots of stock up shopping this week.

Walmart = $3.62: I had 75 and 85 cents online coupons for Muir Glen organic tomatoes, so I purchased six small cans of diced tomatoes – great deal! That averages to .60 for each! I’m going back with more coupons next week!

Market Basket = $16.19: (1.29 less for returned mango from last week.) 32 oz Stonyfield plain yogurt, bag of navel oranges, baby bella mushrooms, 2lb bag of organic sweet potatoes, organic apples & pears, and bananas

Trader Joes = $32.45: TJ’s bacon ends/pieces, mushrooms, feta cheese, bag o’ organic apples, quinoa, shell-on pistachios, peanuts, chicken broth, kiwis, frozen veg lasagna* (*Instead of getting take-out next week, I bought a TJ’s frozen veggie lasagna. For only $6 I don’t have to cook, and it’s a lot cheaper than getting lasagna from a restaurant!)

Whole Foods = $19.07: organic red lentils, butternut squash (local), cara cara oranges, organic lemon, organic kiwis, organic cauliflower, and chocolate bars.

Week of Meals

  1. Thursday: Take out – eggplant parm sub
  2. Friday: Niman Ranch ham steak with brown rice, coleslaw and onion soup
  3. Saturday: Ham Bean soup made with leftover onion soup, tomatoes, & carrots
  4. Sunday: Grassfed beef burgers (local) with brown/white rice, broccoli and coleslaw
  5. Monday: Pork loin slow cooked with diced tomatoes, mushrooms, & carrots with baked potatoes
  6. Tuesday: Bread pizzas with salsa, olives, spinach and cheddar
  7. Wednesday: Roasted cauliflower with fried eggs and salsa

This week’s meals were a little more “meat-sentric” than I usually like, but I was trying to use up some of my frozen CSA meats. Hopefully there will be more veggie meals this next week.

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project food budget

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