Kymaro Body Shaper

Come on ladies, are you really that stupid to believe ads like the Kymaro Body Shaper?

I am sorry, but just looking at the infomercial, it looks like this product is a piece of scammy crap!

For one thing, the ads shout don’t bother with exercise, just put on one of these and you will look slimmer and lose inches. Are women really that gullible? When they measure the participants, you can tell the “before” measurements are not accurate by the way the tape measure is placed uneven around their body. Don’t people realize that they are just moving around their “fat” they aren’t actually doing anything healthy! grrr!

Here is what the Kymaro Body Shaper web site claims:


  • Very comfortable? Not according to real customer reviews online
  • Body slims down 2 sizes in 2 minutes! “Slims down” is a bold claim. You aren’t losing weight! Your body is not slimming down!
  • Reshapes your body due to loss of muscle tone. Lack of muscle tone? They make it sound that’s a good thing.
  • Lower fatigue level and More energy! They are kidding, right? How can you gain more energy from being squished into a tight body sucking suit? I would think it would fatigue you instead! They make it sound like they’re selling you a fitness plan! hahaa haha!

Look carefully at the “before” and “after” photos. The shirt in the before photo is pushed up and all wrinkled. I bet it’s even a size smaller than the after shot, which is smooth and pulled down over the pants. The model is always has better posture in the after photo too.

Note: in the infomercial, they have “individual results may vary” in tiny type across the bottom of the photos! Just a disclaimer to protect themselves when you don’t see the same results on your fat out of shape body!


And what’s up with the models that are pencil thin wearing the body shaper? Come on, their bodies are perfect, of course they are going to look amazing. I don’t see any plus size models actually shown wearing just the body shaper (sans clothes) I bet it would look like a big ole hot mess!


And I love this part:

Double Your Order and get the New Body Shaper in Black for FREE, just pay the processing and handling of $9.95 for the top, and $9.95 for the shorts. That’s over a $90 value for only $19.90 for an extra top and bottom in black.

For free? yeah, right, it really costs $20 to ship (and handle) something that lightweight! They should be ashamed of themselves! The product itself is probably only worth $10 (if that) and they are making a fortune from ladies spending up to $88 for all the pieces.

And I am not the only one complaining about the Kymaro Body Shaper. Google “kymaro body shaper review” and you’ll find tons of unhappy customers talking about their bad product as well as horrible customer service.

But again, I revert back to my original statement, are women really that stupid to fall for this stuff?

Sensa Sprinkle Diet

While searching for a few good web sites, I found this article from Calorie Count

Fad or Real Deal? The Sensa Sprinkle Diet

All for $60 a month?

Sensa contains natural and artificial flavors in a base of maltodextrin (derived from corn), tricalcium phosphate, silica, FD&C Yellow 5, carmine, and milk and soy derivatives.

If it’s so good, then why do they have to use artificial flavors and colors? Yuck! Wow! I am all for trying new things, and this might very well work for some, but if it compromises your health with chemicals and other un-natural additives then I got to say NO!

The exact combination of the Sensa blends are proprietary and patent-pending. However, no flavors are derived from meat sources and there is no mushroom, nutmeg, cinnamon, fish or garlic. Some flavors may contain milk and soy derived ingredients

Blah blah blah. How can they get away with this? Doesn’t the FDA mandate that all ingredients should be labeled, etc. Hmmph.

As a food product, FDA approval is not required for Sensa. All of Sensa’s ingredients are on the FDA designation list of GRAS — Generally Recognized as Safe.

Yeah, and we all know how “safe” the FDA GRAS list is.

Nope, not for me! I would rather be fat!