Earth Balance Buttery Spread Web Site Inaccessible!

I just tried to visit the website for Earth Balance on my iPhone and how silly! It requires Flash! Ugh!

I’ll have to wait until I get on my laptop to visit

UPDATE November 1, 2010 AM on my laptop: – okay, so I finally can access the Earth Balance web site using my laptop. Geez Louize, what a bloated, clunky, annoying web site. Flash menus are just so outdated and the worst part is, they are not accessible to a lot of visitors, like iPhone users and those using text only browsers, like blind people!

Earth Balance people, if you ever by chance read this, PLEEEEZE create a new text only version of your web site! And make your nutritional data available on site, not as a pdf that must be downloaded each time! Sigh.

Yes, keep your flash version for the kiddies that love the pomp and circumstance, but for old foggies like me (who own iPhones without flash), we just want our information simple and easy; it would be nice if you offered an alternative!