Bar Keepers Friend Review

bar keepers friend cleanser

I have been using Bar Keepers Friend for years, ever since I read about it on a cooking forum somewhere online (I think the Cooks Illustrated forum)

It has the “look” and consistency of bleach powder cleanser (like Comet) but it’s not that harsh! Although it does have a mild abrasive, it’s a very mild cleaner. I use it regularly on my enameled cast iron, stainless pots and bakeware for stubborn stains. I wash normally, then shake a little bit over the still-wet pan and lightly scrub with my dish cloth and voila! with very little effort, any stains and cooked on gunk is gone.

I recently found that I inadvertently marked/scratched my Le Creuset baking pan by scraping with a metal spoon. I made a little paste with water and Bar Keepers Friend and rubbed a little bit; the scratches magically disappeared! I was so happy!

I used to be able to purchase Bar Keepers Friend at any grocery store, but for some reason, I haven’t been able to find it at Market Basket, Shaws, Stop & Shop or Hannaford. It looks like Target and Walmart is on their list of local stores, so I will try there. I still have a lot left in the large tin, but I will need some soon. That is one more great thing about Bar Keepers Friend. The container lasts me a good long time! I think I’ve had this container for years!

Their web site states it’s environmentally safe (and biodegradability) but I don’t know actually how safe it is since it’s still a chemical. It’s obviously best to keep it out of reach of children and pets as it could be poisonous if ingested.

I love Bar Keepers Friend! Highly recommended for all home cooks!