Applegate Farms Uncured Organic Sunday Bacon

I admit, I love bacon. No, it’s not something that I eat every day, but hey, once every week or two, it’s a savory splurge!

I never buy cured bacon, with the added nitrates, so I always look for a natural uncured brand.

I’ve tried the Whole Foods 365 brand, which was good, but I picked up a package of Applegate Farms uncured organic Sunday bacon, and it was fantastic. It cooks nicely in my cast iron pan, and even when over-cooked, it doesn’t shrivel down to tiny pieces. The flavor is superb, and I could probably eat the whole pound in one sitting!

applegate farms uncured organic sunday bacon

I made a batch of Boston Baked Beans with it, and I couldn’t stop myself from frying up a couple of slices for breakfast the next morning! We finished the package for Sunday morning brunch yesterday morning. Aaaah, it was heaven!

The best thing about Applegate Farms bacon is that it’s made from truly natural organic ingredients. There aren’t any unpronounceable ingredients in this bacon:

Organic Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Contains Less Than 2% Of The Following: Organic Evaporated Cane Syrup, Celery Powder.

I found this package of Applegate Farms Uncured Organic Sunday Bacon at Market Basket grocery. I don’t know if they sell it at Whole Foods, I will have to check! I will certainly be purchasing this bacon again!

Everything IS Better With Bacon, Isn’t It?

The challenge this week over at I Heart Cooking Club is BACON! What better way to help season my newly found Wagner cast iron 9 inch skillet!

But can bacon still be a part of a healthy clean eating diet? Sure, why not! As long as it’s in moderation, right?

Oh and of course make sure you choose an appropriate uncured (no nitrates) brand. I picked up a package of 365 organic uncured center-cut reduced sodium bacon at Whole Foods yesterday. I chose this particular brand because I liked that it was lower in fat and sodium, but there were other choices as well.

I opened the package, and sliced the whole thing in half. I figured halves would fit in the 9 inch skillet much better. I cooked up 10 halves for both of us = which calculates to 2.5 whole slices for each @ only 88 calories.

I fried the bacon on medium low heat, trying not to overcrowd the pan, turning the slices regularly. It worked very well, and I had a ton of bacon fat that I saved in a glass jar (refrigerated when cooled) – I don’t know if I will re-use the bacon fat, but I saved it anyway.

We ate BLT sandwiches with slices of my homemade whole wheat bread, CSA lettuce leaves and yummy fresh tomatoes from my deck tomato plant. It’s been a long time since I ate a BLT and I loved it! Bacon will definitely be on my menu again!

And now, to figure out what else I am going to cook using bacon. I divided the bacon into two packages for the freezer, but I kept some out so I can cook one of Mark Bittman’s recipes for the IHCC. I will find something delicious for tonight!