Believe It, Be It book review

Like most of the books I am reading lately, I found Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life at the library!

I am a recent fan of The Biggest Loser. I didn’t watch the season when Ali Vincent won the title of “first female biggest loser”, but I am watching the show now! Although I don’t agree with everything about the show (ie crazy advertising recommendations) I think the show is a great inspiration, especially for women.

Ali’s book shares a behind the scenes glimpse of her weight-loss journey: what she experienced at the Biggest Loser ranch and afterward at home. There are no specific details on how she lost weight, but she highly recommends calorie counting and exercise. But everyone has to find their own path to their weight loss. It’s a “feel good” – “yay you can do it” kind of book.

I am glad I read the book, it gave me validation that what I am doing so far is correct, and she is inspiring me to get moving more and exercise!

You can’t stop creating new goals! I keep wondering what’s going to happen to me when I am done losing weight. Will I revert back to old ways if I don’t have the “loss” as a goal? The answer is to keep challenging yourself! Whether it’s with fitness, food or something else, always have a new goal. Never stop trying to reach a new level – physically or mentally!

Everyday will be a choice. Just like now, some days will be easy and some will be tough. One day at a time or during the rough days, one minute/hour at a time!

The book is very easy to read; it would probably take most a few hours to finish. It took me a few days because I took lots of breaks. I returned it to the library promptly, as there was a waiting list and it’s a great book to inspire you to make the move to lose weight! (I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!)

I found Ali to be uplifting. Her message us simple: believe it, be it! Don’t just THINK about something, DO it. Plan it and do it!!

ETA: it’s funny, her season of The Biggest Loser is being replayed on FLN channel so I’ve been watching it every morning. Also it was great to see her on QVC last week.