Corn on the Cob

I think corn gets a bad rap. Yeah, it’s probably ruining our farming system with all the genetically engineered crops. Not to mention, high fructose corn syrup is ruining our healthy bodies.

But there is nothing like corn on the cob fresh from the local farm garden! I decided to treat myself tonight and pick up a half dozen of sweet corn on the cob from the local farm stand. I haven’t had fresh corn once this year, and I figured it was about time. Yeah, it’s high in calories and carbs (sugar) but in moderation, it can’t hurt, right? Everything in moderation!

Bad Choices = Bad Day

I was really baaaaad today. Dad and mom came over for dad’s birthday. I picked at the bones/skin of the homemade rotisserie chicken while Mike was slicing it and I had some birthday cake. I tried to be honest with the calories and portions and tried to calculate higher.

I did ask mom about the calorie info for the cake and it was 280 calories, 12g fat with 14 servings for the whole cake. Since it was just the four of us, she brought over half the cake. I originally estimated there might be 6 servings, but there truly was 7. I had one piece, plus a few bites of the leftover big chunk that mike ate later on tonight, so I calculated two slices of cake.

I added all the info into myfitnesspal food diary today, I was over 325 calories! The sad part is I could probably eat another dinner right now! sigh! I am hoping I calculated my calories very high so I really didn’t do as bad as it shows! eeek!

It’s funny. When I eat healthier, more sensible choices I don’t find myself getting hungry as much. When I eat food that is higher in calories, etc, I find myself wanting more to eat. Not satisfied. I have to keep that in mind when I want to reach for bad foods. I need to keep reminding myself that better choices keeps me happier!

Basil Turns Black in the Refrigerator

HA! I was so happy that I found a bouquet of fresh basil yesterday at the farm. I brought it home, stuck it in a glass of water in the refrigerator, only to find it turning icky black today when I wanted to use it to make fresh pesto.

Come to find out, you aren’t supposed to put fresh basil in the fridge! oh well! live an’ learn. I won’t do that again.

I did salvage a good portion of it and made my first homemade pesto sauce.

Sugar The Bitter Truth

Very interesting video. 90 minutes long, and really boring and scientific in a lot of parts, but stick it out and toward the end, he brings it all together summing it up!

I am not going to give up sugar all together by any means, but it did give me an incentive to cut way down on sugar, except for berries, fruits, etc.


Today I had my first challenge. We needed to go to walmart and it was too hot to cook again; mike suggested iHop, & I checked online & there were some healthy choices on their menu, so I was all set.

We ended up at walmart first where there’s a subway restaurant, so we decided to go there instead.

I did great! I checked my iPhone restaurant app & figured out which sandwiches were a better choice; I opted for the 6in tukey & ham on wheat, 290 calories, not counting the extra veggies & fat free honey mustard. Oh and NO cheese!!

I was pretty proud of myself, and I felt terrific

Stonyfield Farms Frozen Yogurt

I love Stonyfield Farms Frozen Yogurt. We bought a pint a few weeks ago, and I thought it was delicious. I wish I could remember which flavor it was. It think it was the Cookies & Dream flavor.

Since I am now trying to eat healthier, it’s even better because it tastes great and the ingredients are healthier (and more natural) than some of the other low calorie ice cream offerings.

I bought a pint of Creme Caramel for myself and had a serving tonight with some fruit. It was delicious, loaded with caramel swirls. I didn’t miss the extra fat and calories at all!

Here is the nutritional data on the Creme Caramel flavor:

stonyfield farms frozen yogurt nutritional data
stonyfield farms frozen yogurt nutritional data