Listen To Your Own Voice

From the book The Biggest Loser Simple Swaps: 100 Easy Changes to Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle:

“We’re told what’s acceptable and what’s not by others. But listen to your own voice. Figure out what works for you.”
By Jen Eisenbarth (Biggest Loser Season 3)

I found the book at the library, and started to read it last night. This quote jumped out at me. It’s so true. Everyone has their own opinion on how to lose weight and be healthy, but in the end, all that matters is your voice. Your voice might not be loud and strong at first, but eventually, you will get to know your body and what makes you feel healthy. And my voice is singing!

Loving the Wii

So, my DH gave me a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, along with the Wii Fit game. I have been doing it fairly regularly and it’s been pretty good.

I really really love the strength and yoga training. I love that I can save a bunch to “My Routine” and do a bunch one after another. If I use the treadmill, I like setting up the Wii to work on strength and yoga afterward.

The other Wii Fit “games” are pretty good, but they don’t always get my heart rate going, but I do burn calories!

I enjoy biking, and the Rhythm Parade is a good warm up! Hula Hoop is fun, and Boxing and Kung Fu is really fun, but I do feel uncoordinated! I can’t even do the Basic Step, I am totally off and can’t get my head wrapped around the steps! eek! I am working on my balance, and I have improved, but still have some work to do.

Tonight I really had a great strength yoga work out. 31 minutes and I was shocked that I burned 123 calories! So far, I love the Wii Fit. Glad I have it to enhance my workouts!

Today Was a Good Day

I drove my bike to the library, about a mile away. It was a flat easy ride, and I tried to pedal most of the way.

I got a menu from a new Asian restaurant, so I figured we would treat ourselves. It was fabulous. I got Japanese hibachi chicken with veggies and brown rice, and it came with the most delicious hot & sour soup. OMG, fantastic. Yummy!

I did taste a lot of sugar in the brown sauce, but I don’t think it was too bad. I do have lots left over for lunch tomorrow.

I think I am getting much better at making good choices every day!

Input Vacation Food into Diary

I finally took the time to input all my food intake into the myfitnesspal food diary. I am glad this is the last vacation for awhile. There are just too many bad food choices, but all in all, I didn’t do so bad. I think one day I went over 500 calories, and other days were 200 or so over.

Just glad to have all my data input now! I also saved the pdf of all my data for August.

I’ve been at this since Tuesday, July 21, so it’s been almost 8 weeks; with 10 pounds lost, I am feeling great. I do still have a nagging fear that I will either hit a wall very soon, and just stop losing, or I will go back to my old ways. I guess that is everyone’s fear when they make difficult life changes.

Keep On Keeping On

I feel good today. Haven’t taken a shower yet, I love lazy weekends. But I think I will head into the shower and then off to do some grocery shopping. Yum. I think I will maybe make some slow cooker pork or maybe baked fish.

I bought some coconut oil the other day and I am dying to try it! I open the jar just to smell the heavenly coconut scent! aaaah.


keep up the good work


Yay, first bike ride of the season! Here it is, the last week of July, and tonight was MY first bicycle ride. Even though we’ve been camping twice, the rain put a damper on a lot of biking this season.

So, we went for a nice long bikeride – I think about 40 minutes. It felt great!

I had a lot of extra calories, and I made myself a wonderful banana, raspberry, blueberry, Stoneyfield frozen yogurt bowl. It was delicious!