Project Food Budget / My Healthy Food Budget: Aug Month 10 / Week 3

Project Food Budget Weekly total: $99.50

My healthy budget goal is to eat seasonal (local if possible,) home-cooked meals while sticking to a $400 monthly budget for all food including groceries, dining out, entertaining, vitamins/supplements, and gardening.

There’s two of us eating (mostly) 3 meals per day. My husband occasionally eats take-out lunch at work, & that $ comes out of his personal cash stash.

August – Month Ten, Week Three

This week, I spent $99.50, with a monthly total of $317.76. That leaves $82.24 for the rest of August.

Dining Out: $29.46
Groceries: $70.04

I was a little lazy this week regarding dining out. Twice in one week, which is unusual for us; In reality, we actually spent $60 for dining out, but I offset a portion of the expense with some extra cash we received, so my budget wasn’t affected too badly. The positive spin is we each had leftovers that I put in the freezer for next week when I’m feeling “lazy” again!

Speaking of NOT being lazy, I am getting ready for my first “canning” adventure. (Canning supplies are NOT included in my food budget.)

I already have a case of regular pint jars from Amazon ($16), but picked up 3 more cases from the local True Value store: regular pints ($7), wide-mouth pints ($8) and regular quarts ($8) along with 2 cases of regular lids ($1.29ea) – great prices, and a lesson learned to wait for sales when buying canning jars and lids! The sales associate talked me into getting the wide mouth pints, stating I could return them at any time if I found that I didn’t need them. But they will be good to have on hand.

I also am expecting the $20 Progressive International Canning Essentials Kit to arrive on Monday from Amazon.

I decided to go with a higher quality canning kit, instead of one of the cheaper alternatives because the plastic looks more durable and heat-proof and the lifter seems a lot easier to use.

I considered the Kuchenprofi 18/10 Stainless Steel Funnel but I wanted to make sure that canning wasn’t just a faze for me. It’s still in my shopping cart, so if I need to upgrade, I’ll buy it later.

Grocery Spending Details

Market Basket $16.54: Watermelon, bag o’ California Hass avocados, bananas, So Delicious coconut milk, Applegate Farms chicken deli meat, premade Greek pasta (I was hungry for lunch, grrr)

Meat CSA $13.09: Baby back ribs (Luckily, products from the Meat CSA are paid in full, so technically no real money is actually spent, but I apply the cost to my budget as we consume it.)

Boston Hill Farm $11.05: Found a new (to me) farm, they are also at the Andover Farmer’s Market. Definitely would purchase from them again! Dozen corn, green bell pepper, onions, peaches & nectarines

Whole Foods Market $25.86: So Delicious coconut milk (sale), Big tub o’ salted cashews grown in USA (sale), 12 pack Organic Valley 1% milk (sale), Kerrygold cheddar (sale w/ coupon), Galia melon (sale)

Ocean State Job Lots $3.50: (2) Dececco pastas

Week of Meals

  • Thursday: Baked egg casserole with quinoa, garden beet greens, garden eggplant, & scallions
  • Friday: Pork baby back ribs, corn on cob, and salad with raw garden cabbage, garden tomatoes, & garden cukes
  • Saturday: Dining out
  • Sunday: Garden tomato sauce with garden eggplant, onions, celery, pepper, and garden jalapeño over pasta
  • Monday: Leftover eye round beef & veggie stir fry (celery, scallions, garden eggplant, garden cabbage, garden beets, garden beet greens) over bulgur
  • Tuesday: Dining out – AGAIN! But the good thing is we each have a meal of leftovers stored in the freezer.
  • Wednesday: Bread pizzas and veggie salad

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