Mill City Grows: Lowell Farmers Market

Today I stopped by the Lowell Winter Farmers Market (Mill City Grows) at the Mill #5 on Jackson Street.

I love this market. It’s on the 4th floor of an old mill building, complete with old creaking wooden floors, high ceilings and an old elevator to take you up. I love walking down the long isle, full of market vendors, as well as cute little artisan “shops” in their own rented storefront spaces.

I found a wonderful farm named Maple Shade selling goat meat, something I’ve been thinking of trying, since seeing it at the Salem NH farmers market. It was $10/lb for ground or stew meat. I chose ground for now. It’s supposed to be very lean. I’m excited to try it.

I also bought some lovely pork sausage from Foxboro Farm – $10/pkg (approx 1 lb), then sauntered back to the front for veggies and from Mill City Grows, I bought 2 small baggies of greens $4.50 (mixed and pea tendrils) and I spent $8 at Jones Farm for a bunch of carrots, bunch of radishes, brussels sprouts, and some awesome crisp apples.

I’m thrilled to learn that they are keeping the market going through the end of June! And I’m also thrilled that so many farmers are keeping local food available in New England all year long!

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