Wilmington Farmers Market

veggies I bought from the wilmington farmers market

Just returned from The Wilmington Farmer’s Market.

I bought from three farms for a total of $14.25. The prices were really reasonable and I’m so happy that the summer season markets are back!

From Nagog farm I spent $4.25 for red cabbage, scallions, and a large white onion (I was thrilled to see so many different vegetables especially the cabbage they told me they started growing them early in the greenhouse)

At Farmer Dave’s I spent $7.50 for six cucumbers, one big lettuce, chioggia beets with greens (For some reason I’ve been craving cucumbers and pickling cucumbers were wonderful to see there.)

At Gaouette farm I spent $2.50 for large bulb scallions (I love this small organic farm, I remember them from last year.)

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