Kaniwa, The New Super “Grain”

Kaniwa is a new (old, ancient) grain (technically it’s a seed). I discovered it a few days ago, at the bulk section in Whole Foods Market.

Kaniwa is very similar to quinoa, but it offers more protein and fiber PLUS there’s no need to rinse before cooking like quinoa. Talk about a perfect food!

So I’ve been searching for brands, and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot out there. Only two that are readily available to me: Roland (from Amazon) and Laurel Hill (from WF bulk) and neither is organic.

I was so ready to try it, but until I find an organic option or learn more about kaniwa growing practices (ie pesticides, sustainability), I’ll probably have to wait until this little powerhouse grain becomes more mainstream, like quinoa.

4 thoughts on “Kaniwa, The New Super “Grain””

  1. Thank you for sharing, Debbie! I love finding new gems like this. Hopefully an organic version will be available soon. Since quinoa is so popular, and so many people are now gluten free, the odds are good — manufacturers are looking for alternative grains/seeds…

  2. Thank you Angela! When I have time, I’m going to contact Laurel Hill foods, they are actually from Massachusetts, funny! I’ll ask them about more details of how it’s grown, etc. It’s exciting when they find these brand new “ancient” grains!!!

  3. Uh oh…I’ve *never* rinsed my quinoa…the box doesn’t say to…? But I will keep my eyes open for this stuff; more protein is always a win!

  4. Norma, I think most quinoa is triple washed already but they say to be safe consumers should wash again. I wish we didn’t have to, because I’d love to grind up some quinoa flour. But to have to wash it then somehow dry it, I don’t know how well that would work.

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