My Healthy Food Budget: Sept Month 11 / Week 1

My Healthy Food Budget Weekly total: $130.76

My healthy budget goal is to eat seasonal (local if possible,) home-cooked meals while sticking to a $400 monthly budget for all food including groceries, dining out, entertaining, vitamins/supplements, and gardening.

There’s two of us eating (mostly) 3 meals per day. My husband occasionally eats take-out lunch at work, & that $ comes out of his personal cash stash.

September – Month Eleven, Week One

This week, I spent $130.76 so that leaves $269.24 for the rest of September.

Dining Out: $39.45
Groceries: $91.31

Wow, I can’t believe I’m on week 11 in my Budget year! Seems like it wasn’t that long ago when I started but then again, looking back, I can definitely see how much I’ve learned from the experience & applied to my life.

Spending Details

Am I a masochist for purchasing another 50 lb case of tomatoes? No, because I know all the work will be worth it when I’m eating fabulous tomatoes in the winter! I’m just about done with this last batch, and along with a few of my own garden tomatoes, I’ve canned, frozen (cooked & raw), and dehydrated enough to last awhile in the colder months when I’ll be longing for a garden tomato!

Meat CSA $13.99: chicken legs and ground beefalo

Market Basket $1.99: oops missed this receipt from last month, so I’m applying it for this month. Just a bottle of lemon juice for canning

Whole Foods $19.52: Local mozzarella, Pomona’s Pectin (psyched they sell it at WF), Hommus (sale), Hawthorne Valley whole yogurt (no more Brown Cow yogurt for me!), organic bananas, (2) avocados (sale), and Costa Rica 71% chocolate bar

Wilson Farm $45.34: another 50 lb case of plum tomatoes, dozen corn, scallions, green beans, cilantro, nectarines, and bell peppers, PLUS Bonus! A woman nearby didn’t want her radish greens, so long story short, I got a huge batch of greens for free!

Market Basket $10.47: One last trip to get Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and King Arthur white flour (sale)

Week of Meals

  • Thursday: Roasted chicken legs with barley and a huge veggie salad with homemade avocado green goddess dressing
  • Friday: Fried eggs topped over barley and sautéed scallions & zucchini
  • Saturday: dinner out
  • Sunday: Burgers with corn on cob & green beans with garden tomato sauce (leftover from my canning jars)
  • Monday: Pasta with leftover beefalo burgers and veggie sauce (tomatoes, garden eggplant, peppers, radish greens)
  • Tuesday: Fried eggs, bulgur, with sautéed scallions, bell peppers, & radish greens. Topped with avocado & garden tomatoes.
  • Wednesday: Bulgur with mozzarella and butter

Who Else is Budgeting?

project food budget

Find the details.

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