Gardening Diary: Another Harvest & Pest Update

It’s supposed to rain most of the today, so this AM I went out and gathered a bunch of fresh veggies from the garden. Yum

Cut a bunch of lettuce & basil, just a few tender beet greens, a few pea shoots (I’m growing shoots in a separate container), bunches of pea pods, a few sprigs of oregano, and two very small green Carmen peppers.

This is my fourth harvest. Here is a photo of my last (third) harvest of greens from my garden:

harvested lettuce, basil, beet greens, peas, and shoots
harvested lettuce, basil, beet greens, peas, and shoots
harvested lettuce, basil, beet greens, peas, and shoots

Gardening Notes:

So far, the only pepper plants with fruit are the Carmens and the plants are still so short/small, the fruit is larger and starting to drag. I figured I’d try cutting off two fruits to allow the plant to maybe catch up and grow some more! I had heard that it encourages the plant to grow more fruit if you pick the peppers while they are green, as opposed to waiting until they turn red. This will be an experiment!

Yesterday, I caved and bought a bottle of BT-Thuricide (Bacillus Thuringiensis), which is an organic solution for cabbage worms/larva.

tiny cabbage worm egg larva
close up of tiny cabbage worm egg larva

It was very easy picking off the tiny little yellow worm/eggs from the cabbage outer leaves, see my photos above. But then I noticed there were a bunch of worms snacking on inner leaves and it’s a lot more difficult to get them out!

The organic experts say BT is safe, but I still am reluctant to use it, mainly because it can cause resistance if overused. It’s especially disconcerting that they are “weaving” BT into Genetically-Modified (GMO) cabbage plants, which will eventually make BT useless for caterpillar/worm control!

UPDATE: 2012-06-27 I returned the BT. I decided that I would keep trying to pick off by hand.

Other than that, most of my plants are doing very well, in-ground and in-containers.

The only plants with issues are the bell peppers. I guess it might be more difficult to grow in the North. Most of them are looking “black” and losing their leaves. It could be from overwatering and not enough “heat.” I don’t know if I’ll attempt to plant bell peppers again next season.

Life is good!

3 thoughts on “Gardening Diary: Another Harvest & Pest Update”

  1. So fun! And delicious. :)

    I had a problem growing bell peppers last year for similar reasons – it is just not hot enough in the Northwest!

  2. Actually you won’t believe it, I was showing my dad the ole peppers I was planning on dumping, haven’t watered them in days, and would you believe they have perked up. Ha! I might put the containers back out in the sun. I wonder if they just needed to be dried out, and I was watering too much???

  3. Oh and I also returned the bottle of BT. I’ve decided to try to keep picking the little buggers off by hand. If they are in the inner leaves, I’ll get some q-tips or toothpicks and scoop them out that way.

    I think my cabbage have a bigger problem than worms though. LOL. I think our neighborhood groundhog has taken big bites out of the cabbage/brussels sprouts leaves…I noticed it this morning. The bites are too large for the worms, or even a chipmunk. And there was a little bit of kicked up dirt nearby.

    Oh well, I might not even have any cruciferous plants left by the weekend, but we’ll see! LOL

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