Taste for green

Since I picked up some fresh New Jersey produce from Wilson Farm last week, I’ve been craving more fresh beets and lettuce…I’ve been scouring the internet, trying to perhaps find a close-by farmers market that’s open, but so far I’ve come up empty.

Yes, I could go back to Wilson Farm, but it’s a 20-30 minute drive and it seems counterproductive to waste gasoline to get produce that’s grown a little bit more “local” than most of the stuff sold at the grocery store. After all, craving “green” isn’t just a matter of food, it’s also a matter of saving resources too.

I just cannot wait until june when the area farmers markets will be starting. AND hopefully my garden this year will be more bountiful and last longer into the cooler weather. So much to learn, it’s exciting!

In the meantime, if I find myself closer to Wilson Farm next week, I might try to get back there again for some more fresh produce!

Project Food Budget / My Healthy Budget: April Month 6 / Week 5

Project: Food Budget Weekly total: $22.72

My healthy budget goal is to eat seasonal, home-cooked meals while sticking to a $400 $350 monthly budget for all food including groceries, dining out, entertaining, vitamins/supplements, and gardening.

There’s two of us eating 3 (mostly) meals per day. My husband occasionally eats take-out lunch at work, & that $ comes out of his personal cash stash.

April – Month Six, Week Five

This week, I’ve spent $22.72, bringing my monthly total to $356.04.

OMG, I was *this* close to being UNDER my new $350 monthly goal, but DH convinced me to get Chinese take-out Friday night. I had some extra cash we received as a gift, so after I applying that toward our bill, it only amounted to $8.

Yeah, it was another “impulsive” buy, but it made DH happy and I was only $6 over budget. Pretty darned good I have to say!

Monthly Totals:

Dining Out: $53.63
Entertaining: $5.57
Groceries: $287.82
Vitamins/supplements: $9.02

May – Month Seven, Week One-ish

New month! I’ve spent $21.17, leaving $328.83 for the rest of May.

Dining Out: $0
Entertaining: $0
Gardening: $1.69
Groceries: $19.48 (includes a small $ adjustment to my Meat CSA balance)

Spending Details

Market Basket (4/26) $14.72: Bag o’ oranges, broccoli crowns, red grapefruit, bananas, Planters peanuts, sharp cheddar, (2) large cans Hunts tomatoes.

Market Basket (5/2) $18.70: Olivia’s value pack spinach, mushrooms, 5lb bag o’ vidalia onions, (2) oranges, (2) grapefruit, broccoli crowns, bananas.

Week of Meals

I haven’t posted much lately on actual “meal planning”, but it’s been working pretty well. No, I’m not a meal planning machine, but I keep a simply meal plan “note” on my iPad w/ 7-10 days of dinners, & it really helps keep me on track.

My meals are not set in stone, so I can easily swap if my food mood changes. The cool thing is my meal plan note is also synced on my iPhone, so if I ever need to refer to it while grocery shopping, it’s ready.

  • Thursday: Baked chicken enchiladas
  • Friday: Take-out Chinese food
  • Saturday: Chicken soup with barley (carrots, celery, (frozen) peppers)
  • Sunday: Bread pizza with salsa, and feta
  • Monday: Rice, lentil, broccoli, egg, cheese bake
  • Tuesday: Potato onion pancakes & carrot/butternut soup
  • Wednesday: early dinner/late lunch at parents’

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project food budget

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