Trouble Printing Coupons on a Mac

Thanks to Kait over at yoga beauty life, I am getting deeper into couponing for whole foods.

It’s been frustrating to print coupons on my Mac.

Some coupons print with no issues, and some would go into my Printer que & hang for minutes until failure with an “/usr/libexec/cup/fliter/coupon convertor_v2 failed” error message.

This morning, I needed to print Nasoya coupons, and I tried with a couple of different browsers (Firefox, Safari, & Chrome), and unfortunately the screen eventually told me that I was at the allowed limit. sigh.

Luckily, I found a Nasoya coupon at which seems to allow multiple, if not unlimited prints.

I still couldn’t print, so I googled and found that my problem was because I was using an Canon all-in-one printer. That lit-up green “copy” button on my printer was making the printing software think I was “copying” not “printing.” There was no way to change the settings!

There were recommendations to purchase a cheap new printer for $30-$60 to use just for couponing, but that seemed a bit excessive. Since I eat mostly whole foods, I don’t print that many coupons, so it would take a long time to recoup a purchase like that.

And then I remembered! I had another Canon printer (Canon Pixma iP4300) that we received (years ago) for free with our last Mac purchase. I knew it used the same printer ink as the MP500, so I connected it, and tried printing the Nasoya coupon again.

Waaaah! Waah! no luck! It was still hung up in the new printer’s que.

Okay, more googling to find that I should uninstall the coupon software, then re-install.

To uninstall, in Finder, go to your Macintosh HD>Applications>coupons>Uninstall Coupon Printing

Before I went further, I checked Software Update and lo and behold, there was a Canon Printer update. I installed that, rebooted, and then relaunched Firefox. (note: it’s advisable to also clear your browser’s cache before re-installing – for Firefox, go to Preferences>Advanced>Network, then hit the “Clear Now” button)

When I went to the Soya coupon web page, it asked me to install the coupon software, which I did.

Voila! It worked! My coupon printed!

So, bottom line is:

  1. Canon AIO (all-in-one) printers do not work with a lot of coupons
  2. Make sure your printer software is up to date
  3. If coupons do not work after a Mac software update, try uninstalling the coupon software, then re-installing. It might help to also clear your browser cache BEFORE reinstalling.

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