Paula Deen Diabetes Announcement – Just Take Your Medicine, Ya’all

As predicted, Paula Deen made the official announcement that she is diabetic. Even though she was diagnosed 3 years ago, her reason for coming forward now is that she wants to help others.

In reality, she’s coming forward with a profitable new partnership with drug maker Novo Nordisk, marketing a new “helpful” web site called Diabetes in a New Light, which should really be called “pulling the wool over your diabetic eyes so you can’t see the true light.”

Let’s Turn Off the “Diabetes in a New Light”

So I checked out the Diabetes in a New Light web site, and uh, seriously, someone should turn off that light before it hurts someone. :(

  1. The site is financed by Novo Nordisk, a Diabetes DRUG company, so right there, that’s a HUGE conflict of interest.
  2. There is nothing on the site that mentions PREVENTION of diabetes, only what to do if you’ve already diagnosed. Hmm, why prevent diabetes when there is so much money to be made.
  3. There’s nothing about trying to reverse it with diet/exercise. Again, Big Pharma can’t make millions if we can reverse it on our own with natural means. (Novo Nordisk’s drug Victoza, had global sales of $734 million in their first 3 quarters of 2011)
  4. Victoza’s list of scary cautions & warnings on every page should be enough to make anyone think twice about taking this drug.

Basically all the web site accomplishes is regurgitating common-sense diabetes advice while tricking you into giving them your personal information in order to sign up for a newsletter. Why do they need your mailing address for an email newsletter?

hmm….the answer is at the bottom of the form, Novo Nordisk want your permission to bombard you with marketing materials from them and their “affiliates or vendors.” What do you get in return? Oh some delicious, diabetic-friendly recipes. Worth it, right?


If Paula Deen truly cared about people then she would be giving her re-worked recipes and tips for free, without making you sign away your privacy to a drug company!

It’s Just Entertainment, Ya’all

I watched the Paula Deen interview on the Today show, and she tried so hard to convince us that all she wants to do is help people, but at the same time she skirts around the question if she’ll change the way she cooks and eats.

Her eventual answer was that she NEVER ate like that every day, it’s just entertainment, ya’all, and that she’s always been about moderation. Since when, Paula?

Perhaps she should have mentioned more about moderation during her “butter is beautiful” or “add another cup o’ sugar” shows on Food Network. Ugh. Yeah, what a great role model. It’s just for entertainment!

Wouldn’t it have been refreshing if Paula came forward and admitted that she was wrong, and that she made a lot of big mistakes with her health?

There’s no money in mistakes. Don’t change your life, just take some meds.

Farms Don’t Pay For Endorsements

This situation angers me the most because she didn’t go public with her illness until she secured a lucrative deal, and since the local farm-fresh industry is not paying for endorsements, why promote a change in lifestyle for free, when a top-bidding Big Pharma company will pay you millions to promote their drugs!

And the topper is Novo Nordisk is actually claiming that when they came to her to be a partner, they didn’t know she was diagnosed with diabetes. wink wink. Yeah, the National Enquirer knew, but no one else did? Makes me sick. I think I’ll eat some butter.

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7 thoughts on “Paula Deen Diabetes Announcement – Just Take Your Medicine, Ya’all”

  1. haha, Norma, yeah, you kinda hit the nail on the head!

    I used to like her, her older shows were a lot more normal. She wasn’t so over the top “celebrity”

    And her “boys” – ugh. Now that she’s started a whole new career reworking her unhealthy recipes, her media-hungry sons are going to be in the spotlight even more.

  2. Paula Deen is on the Chew Tv show today. I’ve finally figured out what is so irritating about her.

    She acts like a 5 year old. She interrupts everyone speaking, she bats her wide eyes and pretends she don’t know those big ole words.

    She keeps repeating and repeating the reason she waited for her diabetes announcement was because she wanted to “bring something to the table” – so bringing something to the table is partnering with a freakin’ drug company. Come on. Why didn’t she partner with a diabetes charity!

    Blah blah blah, she’s in total denial that her obesity and crappy diet was the main reason for her diabetes.

  3. Oh my gosh, high five! When I heard this announcement about PD, I really thought, “that is no surprise at all – she is the butter and sugar queen!” Honestly Food Network frustrates me with all their cooking shows – very few every have anything to do with good nutrition or healthy eating.

    One of the good things that the Biggest Loser has brought us is proof that people get get off diabetes medicine with proper nutrition and exercise. Some aspects of the show are just ridiculous, but every season they show a glimpse into people getting off diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol medicines by eating right and exercising.

    You are totally right – this is all about money!!

  4. I love some of the older shows. I love At Home with Jamie and Good Eats.

    The ones that try to be healthy (like horrible Hungry Girl) are full of processed foods (no fat mayo and artificial sweeteners)

    My fave is on the Hallmark channel, “Mad Hungry”

  5. Oh and I forgot to say that I agree about Biggest Loser. It’s a crazy unrealistic show, but my fave parts are always when they do the medical segments, before & after. It’s like an awakening for them!!!

  6. You know, just now, I remembered about Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet.

    He was the worst for ultra fattening foods back in the day, but when his wife was diagnosed with what I am pretty sure was Type II Diabetes, he immediately turned it around, and reworked his show into healthier cooking.

    He didn’t try to hide that their food choices were the ultimate cause of her issues, he took responsibility and didn’t care if he “looked” bad.

    Hmm, me thinks a new article about Paula Deen vs Galloping Gourmet is in order. Gonna do some research tonight.

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