I found an inspiring article on Small Notebook concerning food spending and how spending less is not necessarily the answer – blog comments are equally inspiring!

Find Your Family’s Own Unique Budget Needs

Comparing what your family spends for groceries to another family can lead you down the path to frustration & self-doubt. Every family’s needs & values are unique. Just because there is a food blogger spending only $250 per month for their family of four doesn’t mean that is the best direction for your family! Do find inspiration from other frugal budgeters, but don’t try to fit your family’s spending into their food budget, because everyone’s circumstances are different!

Spending Less But Getting Sicker

Back many many years ago, when food was REAL, families spent a lot more of their income on groceries (25% vs 10%). Most of us now have (more important) cell phone and internet to pay for, so food has become somewhat of an afterthought.

Big Food has taken advantage by producing subpar food products that can be sold for much less than healthier alternatives. Cheap food gives the illusion of frugality, but in reality, it’s damaging our bodies and our way of life!

Worse, while we’re spending LESS, we’re actually eating MORE! Calories are through the roof and meat consumption is out of control, polluting our bodies and environment. More Americans are obese, and chronic (deadly) illnesses like diabetes and heart disease are becoming the norm, pushing our medical expenses higher!

So yes, I am still trying to curb my grocery spending and stick to a reasonable food budget, but I have to remember that food quality MUST remain the most important aspect vs price!