Thanksgiving 2011

Yesterday was a day of family, food and fun. I ate lots of yummy sugary goodness too! Probably way too much sugary goodness, but it’s okay. Today, I’m back on track, and life is good!

So this year, we didn’t have a local turkey (like last year), but it still was good. I refused to go the ultra cheap route with a .60/lb turkey, but a antibiotic-free bird from the local grocery. I don’t eat much poultry meat anymore, but I know others in my family really enjoy it, so it was a good compromise.

Thankfully I took notes on my Thanksgiving dinner last year and it helped a lot, especially with the crock pot stuffing; I’ve been saving bits and pieces of my homemade whole grain bread in the freezer for stuffing. There was way too much. Note for next year: make less!!!!

I also made homemade gravy, loosely based on a recipe I found on Whole Foods. It was the first time making a gravy from scratch, and it turned out pretty okay; I loved the addition of wine to the gravy and I was happy that there was some turkey drippings to give it the extra oomph!

So, there was also mashed potatoes & sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, and green beans; plus for dessert: pecan pie, pizzelle cookies, magic cookie bars, a variety of cheesecake slices, whipped cream, and cream puffs. A feast of sugar!

All in all a great day!

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