Skipping CSA Next Season

I think I’ll be skipping the CSA next season.

We’ll see how it goes, buying directly from the farm and other farmer’s markets, and then I’ll decide if I want to go back the following season.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with CSA, and I adore Farmer Dave’s and the staff, but I think I need a break.

#1, vacation. This year we will only miss two pick-ups, but there was a chance we’d miss four pick-ups if timing wasn’t perfect.

#2, pressure. There is so much pressure to process a large amount of food at once. Lettuce and other greens have to be washed then packed in towels & bags. Meals have to be planned around foods you might not be in the mood for. It’s tough, and it’s starting to get to me.

#3, cost and variety. Yes, I think I’m getting my monies worth every week, but it would be nice to spend the same amount (or even more) and get exactly the vegetables and fruit that I want. I will still promote and support Farmer Dave’s farm stands, but I’d like to maybe sample some of the other local farmer’s markets. Yes, it might be more expensive, but I’d be getting exactly what I want. And when Whole Foods has a sale on local veggies, I won’t feel like I have to pass it up because I have a full fridge.

#4, my garden. Sure, I feel ambitious now, but I’d like to expand my little backyard garden to include more vegetables and herbs next year. Right now, we’re growing 4 tomato plants, along with basil and oregano plants. I’m experimenting with potato plants too, but I don’t know what’s going to happen with those! I’d like to add hot and bell peppers, cucumbers, summer squash and possibly some lettuce plants. When the tomatoes die off, I’m hoping to plant some hearty greens.

I know it’ll be very difficult not to register for next year’s CSA. I will feel like I’m letting down a friend. haha. But it’s the best for me, and as I said, I will still continue to support Farmer Dave’s farm.

I will also continue to support the Groundwork Lawrence Share-a-Share program – it’s an important program that subsidizes CSA vegetable shares for those that can’t afford it.

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