Whole Foods Organic Cherries on Sale Friday Only

Yes, I do love cherries.

But we don’t purchase them too often, because they are so darned expensive!

Well on Friday, July 8th, Whole Foods is having a grand sale on ORGANIC cherries! Only $2.99 per pound. That’s almost a third of the normal price, last time I checked!

Cherries are bursting with goodness too. Antioxidants, along with beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron and fiber. And they are one fruit that my DH loves too, he actually loves them more than me I bet!

So, I am definitely planning on buying up a bunch of cherries this Friday!

Did you know it’s easy to pit them by hand? Once pitted, you can freeze them for a later date. Just spread them in single layer on a large cookie sheet so they freeze individually, then once frozen, pop them all into a freezer bag.

How scrumptious will cherry compote taste in the winter!? I did this with bags of cranberries, and it was wonderful to have access to fresh cranberries after the holidays!

I’ve listed some recipes from Whole Foods web site below. I’m loving the cherries and kale recipe. I might have to try that with the greens from this week’s CSA share! And I still have some frozen scallops from a previous Whole Foods sale that will work nicely with the cherry balsamic sauce!

whole foods one day sale on cherries

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