I’ve Got Blueberry Fever at Whole Foods!

whoo hoo! I received word that organic (USA) blueberries are going to be on sale at Whole Foods this Friday, June 17th. One pint is $1.99.

I’m so looking forward to this sale. I’m afraid I will buy so many that my face will turn blue from eating too many! Actually I should I say you never can have too many blueberries! Last summer, I ate pint after pint every week, buying big batches twice a week! I just love them!

And blueberries are soo darned good for you. They pack a ton of antioxidants, which help to prevent cancer! It’s also said that they help with memory improvement, keeping your mind and body fresh and active!

I can’t bring myself to cook or bake with fresh blueberries. It almost feels like I’m wasting them! I find them irresistibly luscious simply eating them from a big bowl! But just in case there are others interested in cooking with blueberries, here are some Whole Foods recipes. I do like the idea of blueberry spelt muffins, but I’d probably use frozen fruit instead of fresh. hahaa!


blueberries on sale at whole foods

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