Whole Foods Market Organic Strawberries On Sale Friday!

Whole Foods Market is having a monster sale on organic strawberries tomorrow. $1.99 per pound!

Unfortunately, I called the closest store and they told me the sale strawberries are originating from Mexico. Not happy about that!

I called another store and they told me they were mixed from Mexico and California.

I’ve been holding off purchasing any berries this season because all the organic offerings have been from Mexico. If I can find California berries I’ll gladly purchase!

So the question is do I take a chance and go tomorrow hoping I’ll find strawberries grown in the USA, and if not, should I purchase them from Mexico at this crazy good price?

My gut is telling me no, stay away from any commercial organic berries anyway especially if they are grown in Mexico! Wait until my local farm offers them!

We will see how I feel tomorrow!


UPDATE: On Friday, I found organic strawberries from both California and Mexico. I noticed the ones from Mexico were larger and at first glance, “looked” more appealing. The strawberries from California looked more natural, because they didn’t look at “perfect” as the ones from Mexico. I ended up purchasing 5 boxes. Yum!

I cleaned and sliced two boxes for strawberry, apple, cranberry compote, slow cooked in the oven. Added raisins afterward for more sweetness.

5 boxes of organic california strawberries from whole foods
organic california strawberries from whole foods
organic california strawberries from whole foods
organic california strawberries from whole foods

3 thoughts on “Whole Foods Market Organic Strawberries On Sale Friday!”

  1. I’m curious why you won’t purchase strawberries from Mexico. Is it because of the distance, or the water? BTW, I greatly enjoyed the sale! I made Strawberry Melon Gazpacho with them, which was delicious, but I will wait to make it again until the watermelon is a little sweeter (I had to add sugar).


    Also, I’m wondering what is the name of the farm you are purchasing eggs from. I’d love to learn more about it! In part, thanks you to, my family has decided to buy a farm share from Farmer Dave, which we’re very excited about, and would love to learn more about local farming! Thanks!

  2. Hello Laura,
    I just don’t trust our government to check on organics grown in Mexico. I think it’s similar to organics grown in China (which is used in a ton of frozen and canned foods) – they say they play by the same rules, but do we really know. How can we be sure?

    I’d rather purchase produce and goods from the USA if possible.

    Laura, I will email you privately about the info about the eggs!

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