143.6 Eeek Gained!

Weighed in this morning, and it’s not good.

I am not sure what happened, but I’m not going to let it discourage me. Weight fluctuation are a part of healthy weight maintenance. I think my body is going through some changes, and I have to stay calm, not panic and just figure out what’s going on.

This just proves that faithful logging your food diary is important during weight loss AND weight maintenance. I know I was getting sloppy. I logged every bite, but I was going over my calories a lot in the past few weeks and this could be the aftereffect.

143.6 is not the end of the world. I can and WILL get back down to 140 and lower!

It might even be a temporary water weight gain, which I’ve had in the past so many times. I ate steel cut oats yesterday morning, and while I adore them, they seem to have a negative effect on me. I felt bloated all afternoon. I’m bummed because I just love steel cut oats! I don’t know if it’s a definite allergy or intolerance, or it could be that I need to get used to them. I’m having them again this morning, so we’ll see.

In any case, I’m okay…staying accountable! I’ll weigh in tomorrow and see if there’s a change.

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