Vivani Organic 70% Dark Chocolate with Lemon

A few days ago, I bought a couple of bars of Vivani Organic 70% Dark Chocolate with Lemon. We had tried them months ago, and I remembered that I enjoyed eating the chocolate.

Well, I guess our tastes have evolved, because now I am finding the taste to be waxy and sort of void of flavor. Not very chocolaty at all unfortunately.

So, I won’t be purchasing Vivani chocolate bars again. Back to Green & Black’s until I can find another choice that tastes wonderful, but doesn’t break the bank! I’d love to find out how to make my own chocolate from 100% unsweetened blocks.

UPDATED 2012-01-6: I cannot recommend Green & Black chocolate brand anymore, and deep in my heart, I think I always knew better, but I just wanted to save $. Check out the list of recommended brands of chocolate that are truly “fair-trade” – – Green & Black is on their Not Recommended list, but Vivani is on their recommended list. Hmm, I might give them one more shot perhaps!

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