California Pomelo Fruit

pomelo fruit from california
I always am interested in trying unique fruits. A few days ago, Whole Foods was offering Pommelo fruit on sale @ 2/$4. I’ve seen them at the grocery stores in the past, but they are usually $2.50 to $3 each. Each fruit weighs about 2 pounds, so I figured at $1/lb on sale, it was worth a shot!

Pomelo fruit is the largest citrus fruit. It’s quite larger than a grapefruit, but smaller than a cantaloupe or personal watermelon.

It is also spelled pommelo and pummelo (which was how it was spelled on the label)
California pummelo fruit label

At Whole Foods, they described the pomelo as tasting like a cross between an orange and grapefruit, but believe it or not, it’s said that the grapefruit is actually a cross between the pomelo and an orange.

I adore citrus fruit, so I thought I would be in for a treat, and just by looking at the sheer size of the fruit, I thought that my husband and I would be splitting the fruit between us for our an evening snack.

I sliced it down the middle and was disappointed to find such a large inedible rind with only a small edible portion. There would be no sharing of this fruit, I’d have to eat it all by myself! hehe

California pomelo sliced in half
California pomelo sliced in half

I ended up using a jagged grapefruit spoon to scoop out the fruit. It was awkward to dig out each segment because (as you can see from the photo) they weren’t evenly sized or symmetrical like a grapefruit usually is, but there was a ton of yummy juice that I drank from the bowl. It was sweet and delicious. Yes, very much like grapefruit, but with a lemony undertone.

As tasty as it was though, I doubt that I’d buy a pomelo again, just because it was just not worth the cost. I’ll stick with grapefruit and oranges thank you!

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