My Wedding Dress

Okay, I’ve been fluctuating between 145ish and 142ish all month, and this morning, I was down to 141.4. So, on a whim this morning, I thought, what the heck, let’s try on the old wedding dress. And I did. And it fit. It fit!!!!

My butt actually looks smaller in the dress now than it did back in 1994! I am psyched beyond belief!

I remember trying to try the dress on, a few months ago, but it wasn’t quite there yet. And now, wow, I am just thrilled. It’s amazing! If this isn’t motivation and inspiration for me to keep doing what I’m doing, then I don’t know what is! YAHOOO! I like being this weight. It’s healthy and I feel good! I don’t want to ever go backward!

(Note: my wedding dress isn’t actually one of those long flowing gowns, it’s literally an off-white lace dress.)

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