California Navel Oranges Are Finally Here!

Yay! Finally!

I went to Whole Foods yesterday, and thankfully I found California Navel oranges! Oh joy! I have been craving them for so long, and was so happy to see a box of them for $1.69 a pound. I probably would have paid $5 a pound, well, maybe not!

I also found some white grapefruit from Florida at .99/lb so I bought a couple of those too.

I peeled and ate one last night. The peel was thin, but oh it was sweet as ever! Very juicy! Glorious! I only bought four oranges, and now I think I should have grabbed more. Oh well, I can always stop at the grocery store again. I really missed oranges all these months! Trying to be seasonal has its price!

UPDATE 2010-12-10: Went to Whole Foods and found the Cara Cara oranges are now available. Yippee. I grabbed a bunch!

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