Kashi Go Lean Cereal Offers as Much Protein as Egg

I’ve been constantly seeing the new commercial from Kashi bragging that their cereal offers as much protein as an egg.

Come on! Do people really believe that the “soy protein concentrate” in Kashi cereal would be equal in quality to the protein in real food like an egg?

Since Kashi is owned by Kellogg’s, somehow I doubt that they have our best interests at heart. Big food companies need profits, so they’re always trying to find a new way to manipulate the public into buying more of their products. And I’m sure the public will fall for it, like they always do. It’s easier to pour a bowl of processed cereal than it is to scramble up an egg for breakfast. But is it healthier? No way!

Sure, eggs might have saturated fat and cholesterol, but it’s been proven over and over again that eggs are not the enemy! In moderation, they can be part of a healthy balanced diet. I love eating a scrambled egg sandwich with cheese & whole wheat/grain bread for breakfast.

People need to stop eating processed food disguised as health food!

ETA (November 7, 2011) I feel it’s necessary to mention (thanks to comments from “veloved”) that while I promote eggs, I do not agree with the current way that egg-laying hens are treated in “factory farms” – the healthiest eggs will not be found at most grocery stores. Even the ones marketed as “free-range” or “organic” are not necessarily humanely raised.

Check the Cornucopia Institute’s Organic Egg Scorecard for details on eggs found at the grocery store; it’s surprising that most store brands are rated very low.

If you want the freshest, healthiest eggs, look for a small farm selling them in your neighborhood or local farmers market. Or better yet, start raising them yourself!

24 thoughts on “Kashi Go Lean Cereal Offers as Much Protein as Egg”

  1. where do you go on line to get the kashi egg with the trial sample of kashi cereal in it, like it shows on the commercial on t.v.? i would like to get one or more of them if they are available to buy as samples, or whatever etc. paying the shipping and handling to get one or more of them. please email me back and let me know. thank you very much, rennea burgess.

  2. My daughter is doing a project at school in reference to eating Healthly. She is in elementary school. She LOVES LOVES that egg commerical! Our family purchases many of your products. She asked if I could try to get an egg. Thank You

  3. My daughter is in elementary school and doing a project at school on eating healthy. We purchace quite a few of your products. She asked me to try to get one of those eggs we see on commercials. Can you HELP me? Lauren Leong

  4. Lauren, you should actually read my post and possibly do some real research online about true healthy whole foods. It isn’t going to be found in kashi or anything made by Kelloggs.

    II can’t help you with samples. Sorry.

  5. As clever as Kashi is with this ad campaign, there is one main thing everyone misses. Are you eating that cereal dry? Probably not … there for you are adding to it. Eggs don’t have SUGAR … why eat a cereal that will cancel out half of that “protien” because it has sugar (not to mention adding milk will add to that sugar/gycemic level). The last thing anyone one needs is to get a sugar boost in the AM, you will crash by mid-morning. Pure protien like an egg … mix in a little spinach and skim Mozz on a whole grain bread … you have a major enegy boost that will get you thru the entire day, not bail out on you after an hour or so. Processed foods are the bad guys, pure food are not. You are right the egg is not our enemy!

  6. I don’t eat cold cereal often, prefering Bearmush or steel cut oatmeal, but when I do I like Kashi’s Strawberry fields. I measure out a half cup with almond milk ,and an egg ( because of a disorder I have to eat more protein) with a little vegg thrown in. I feel if I take the time to prepare breakfeast then i’ll eat better.

  7. This is someone’s personal blog. According to Kashi those bowls are just proP’s. You might want to try actually reading what site your on before making yourself look illiterate.

  8. Please don’t ask me for samples!

    If you actually READ my blog post, you’d maybe think twice about supporting companies like Kashi and Kellogg’s. They are not creating foods that are good for you!

  9. I understand your outrage. But is Kashi products really all that bad next to all the other choices for breakfast? I am a working mother of 3 and I am all about foods that I can take on the “go”. Price of the product is also a stipulation. If I had a choice between a Poptart, a small bowl of Kashi cereal or a breakfast sandwich from McDonalds, I would chose Kashi. Yes it has sugar in it but it’s more about just making healthier choices.

  10. Amy, I think the big issue for me is (at all costs) NOT to support a large corporation like Kelloggs. Do you realize that 2 out of the 3 the products you mentioned are manufactured by Kelloggs? How can a company that makes Pop Tarts be trusted to make something healthy (like Kashi)???

    If it’s cereal you desire, then at least find a truly small company that actually cares about healthy food, not the bottom line $. A company that doesn’t pour millions/billions of dollars into a devious marketing campaign like pathetically equates their product to a wholesome egg!

  11. Its really amazing to me how appalled you are by the media promoting cereal, but its ok to slaughter animals and pump them full of hormones so they can over produce their hen periods, so you can have your “protein” …. incredible your lack of compassion for an animal’s quality of life… their are many sources of quality protein. How do you think animals get protein? Unless they are carnivorous, they get it from PLANTS!

  12. I’m not sure what your point is, Veloved. If you actually took the time and read some of my other blog posts, you would know that I am not promoting animal cruelty.

    I buy eggs from a local small backyard farm. They do not give hormones or antibiotics to their animals, and they are outdoors walking around as they should.

    While I understand the reasons behind being vegan, it’s not the lifestyle for me. I don’t feel healthy without a little bit of animal protein, sorry, that is just how it is. And I have no problem with my karma.

    But you, are naive if you think that a big food company like Kelloggs actually cares about animals!

    Just because a product is “animal-protein-free” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Do you eat boca burgers? Fake processed soy burgers vs a real 100% grassfed humanely-raised beef burger? Which is healthier? hmm, tough answer.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

  13. no I dont eat boca burgers, I am raw vegan and I heal people with food. There is more protein enzymes in a dark green leafy vegetable, per calorie, than ANY animal protein…DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I study with Olympian Athletes, that need more protein than the average blogger… I am not here to say anything about Kelloggs… this wasnt my argument. It just seems irresponsible to your readers to promote the suffering of animals and not propose other options. … because there are many…. animals did have their use to support our healing many years ago, we have evolved a bit since the settlers… we can have coats , shoes, furniture…etc…made of other materials besides animals and we also have many organic farms to sustain a healthy food industry… did you see how they clip the beaks off these chickens so they dont peck each other in the movie clip I attached? I understand you are lucky enough to be around local backyard farms, that you say do not promote cruelty, but most do not, so I think it would be more responsible of you to advise people of other options… not promoting the egg as for most people ARE promoting cruelty be believing in your rants about Kelloggs… Its fine if you disagree, Im just talking from my heart, you wouldnt want to see your dog or cat have their limbs taken off so we could take their babies and then kill them and eat them so you could sustain your protein… ALL ANIMALS ARE THE SAME… they have families, feelings and lots of love…. ANIMALS have the same rights to happiness as we do

  14. Yes, I understand the plant vs animal protein thing. Personally, I get a good portion of protein from plants.

    Yes, I am aware of animal cruelty in factory farming. I’ve written several blog posts on animal cruelty, and I am totally against factory farming.

    But this blog post was specifically written to try to get the word out that big food companies like Kelloggs are out of control with their advertising.

    I do not believe the heavily-processed “soy protein concentrate” in Kashi cereal should be compared to the protein in real food like an egg. And yes, I do believe that eggs are good protein.

    While that was the point of the post, it didn’t even occur to me to mention anything about animal cruelty, but (and I am being 100% sincere) I am glad that you took the time to mention it!

    What I will do is add an extra blurb about buying good quality humanely raised eggs, or something to that effect.

    THANKS! And I am sorry if we misunderstood each other.

  15. I started to read the “Subject at Hand” posts, but was overwhelmed with the egg request… Wrong topic all. Thanks for the original post!

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