Homemade Dried Celery Flakes

I love Penzy’s Spices dried celery flakes, and I pay about $3.50 for a small bag.

This week, in our CSA share, we received a large celery loaded with fresh dark leaves!

fresh celery stalks

So, I trimmed off all the leaves and dried them in my counter top convection oven – 150-200 ° for about one hour. Yay, I got a big batch of dried celery flakes, and saved a little cash!

fresh celery leaves

dried celery flakes

2 thoughts on “Homemade Dried Celery Flakes”

  1. can’t wait to try this recipe.we use a lot of celery flakes. but what do you with the rest
    of celery stock.we don’t eat the stock part.

  2. I just cut off the leaves from a bunch of celery, put them in a stainless steel bowl, and then just mix them with my hand whenever I walk by them. This is a natural way to do it, without any outside necessities. When they aren dry, I just put them in a sealed container for later use.

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