145.8 – Yay Even Lower!

Weighed in this AM, and I’m even lower at 145.6! Crazy! It could be a temporary fluke, but either way, I’m staying within my goal weight. hmm, what is my goal weight exactly anyway? I think I feel my best at 147ish.

Especially since I have been eating more calories! My allotted daily calories are 1800 and most days I’ve been very close to the total, but since I eat when I am hungry, (and sometimes even when I am not hungry) I sometimes go over. It’s most always clean eating, so I think that is the difference! I’m not gorging on processed foods! But I am eating dark chocolate, nuts, homemade bread, etc.

This AM, I am eating toasted homemade whole wheat sunflower rosemary bread with a little bit of olive oil butter on it. For lunch, I’m planning toasted bread with 1/2 can of low sodium tuna, made with horseradish mustard & mayo. I plan on also eating a small peanut butter chocolate chip muffin and probably some cut up fruit and carrots. All delicious and nutritious!

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