Smile & Say Cheese!

I wanted my first official review for 52 Foods in 52 to be special, something significant and poignant.

What’s better than cheese! Yum! In fact, the original idea for my 52 Foods in 52 project popped into my head when I saw this particular cheese!

Healthy Delight French Style Yogurt Cheese

yogurt cheese

I love walking in the cheese department at Whole Foods, and even better when they have cheese samples out. Well, she just put out a fresh plate of samples for the Healthy Delight Yogurt Cheese, and as soon as a tasted a bite, I knew I had to purchase a block. Delicious, soft, and mild. I immediately thought about pizza topping and mac & cheese!

When you research yogurt cheese online, you’ll find homemade recipes with instructions to drain off the “whey” from regular yogurt set in a colander lined with coffee filters. The result is a thick creamy cheese useful for spreads, dips, etc. Similar to Greek Yogurt.

The Healthy Delight Yogurt Cheese is very different. Its consistency is not at all like yogurt, but similar to a soft cheese like mozzarella. It’s mild in flavor too, but has a very slight yogurt tang. The label says it’s “French Style”

yogurt cheese label

I bought a package that was a tad under a half pound for $3.15 @$6.99 per pound. There were various sizes for purchase at Whole Foods.

The ingredients are: Pasteurized part skim milk, salt, enzymes, yogurt cultures, acidophilus, bifdus, casel

Nutritional Data:
Serving size 1oz
Calories 100
Total Fat 8g
Saturated Fat 5g
Trans Fat 0
Cholesterol 20mg
Sodium 140mg
Fiber 0
Sugars 0
Protein 6g
Vitamin A 6%
Vit C 0
Calcium 35%
Iron 0

So, as you can see, it’s got a ton of calcium and it’s a little bit lower in calories than other cheeses. I bought the original flavor and it tasted great, very mild.

That night, I cooked a 1/2 cup of whole wheat couscous, and added 3 oz of cubed cheese. Mixed and melted on low heat for about a minute. It was a quick, delicious, and healthy “mac and cheese” side dish for our dinner that night. Tonight I plan on adding it to our naan pizzas!

Yes, I would certainly buy the Healthy Delight Yogurt Cheese again!

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