Had a really big temptation tonight. My DH brought home (at my request) a large chicken parm & bow tie pasta. I ate half for dinner.

Then later before TV time, I had a really strong compulsion to eat a bit more pasta. I had the cover off and everything.

Then I told myself NO don’t do it, have some fruit instead. So I grabbed an apple and orange and was sooo tempted again to just have another pasta bite, but I put the cover back on and put it away.

It feels good to make the right decisions! Well even though I probably shouldn’t have ordered it in the first place, I didn’t want to keep giving into my compulsive behavior.

ETA May 14, 2010: This morning I ate the rest of the chicken parm for breakfast, and a small amount of pasta. Yes, I do feel guilty and quite full. It was a horribly bad thing to eat. I did throw the rest of the pasta out!

As the morning advances, I am feeling more and more guilty. NO, I don’t like feeling guilty, because there is nothing I can do about now. I have to just forget it and do better for the rest of the day. I want to remember this horrible “full” feeling. It’s like yuck, what did I just do to myself!

Get over it and move on!

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