152 – ha!

Well, I’m back down to 152 this morning. :D Too funny. I guess I will just float in between 152 and 155, and that is okay.

I also might have been retaining a bit of water the last week or so. I stepped up my water intake the last couple of days. I was definitely slacking off for awhile, barely drinking 8 glasses. I am shooting for 11-12 glasses per day now and I think it’s making a big difference.

Another problem that I haven’t discussed publicly (here on the blog) is I think I’m in perimenopause; so with a messed up monthly cycle, my moods and hunger pains are directly related to that. I just have to take it one day at a time!

Life is good. I am 152! Ha! Even though it could change tomorrow! We’ll see!

PS. I had a semi-cheat day yesterday. I ordered take out bowtie pasta and meatballs. Ate 2/3 the pasta and all the meatballs. Can’t pass up good meatballs! Yum. Yeah, life is really good!

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