155.8 – Yay

I don’t know what’s up, but I am continuing to lose more weight. Not complaining, it’s just that I am really not trying. Just doing what I normally do.

155.8 – that’s another .8 from the last weigh in, for a total of 44.2. Holy Cow!

I guess I will keep losing until I settle into my final weight. I am curious to see what that number will be.

It’s a bit happy and scary at the same time, because the more I lose the more I have to maintain. Can I keep the weight off? Yes, I think I can continue to eat the same way, but can I keep the same fitness level? So many questions, and I don’t want to give power to these Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) but it’s difficult because I feel like I am being cocky and overly confident if I don’t allow some doubt into my head.

But ultimately, I feel good, so it’s all good! I need to remember how good I feel, and how bad I felt before. I don’t want to ever go back!

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