Weigh In – 162.8 – Hurray!

Well I did it. I didn’t weigh myself all week! It was a little difficult initially, but as the week progressed, it wasn’t such a big temptation.

Some things to mention. I finally got my period yesterday, after a month and a half (pretty sure I am going through some sort of hormonal pre-menopausal thing) and yesterday, I felt soo much thinner. Like a weight was lifted. I was feeling so bloated and disgusting. I just felt free.

So, I was looking forward to my weigh in this AM, but I was also hesitant. I tried to prepare myself that it was possible that I didn’t lose. I would have to face the fact that maybe I was just going to be satisfied with my current weight, and that was okay.

So, I stepped on the scale, and yay! I was so happy to see 162.8 – well, I think I would have been happier with a few more ounces, but I really can’t complain! So, that’s a total of 37.2 pounds, at least one pound down from last week (depending on which day you count)

I really hope that I am over my plateau!

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