Next Try – No Knead Whole Grain Bread

Well, I am getting better at this bread thang, but still not perfect. I followed the same whole grain no-knead recipe from before. Instead of wheat germ, I decided that corn meal might be a nice addition! And I did buy some vital wheat gluten.

2nd try at whole grain no-knead bread.

It all went very well, until the towel. After the dough rested for 22 hours or so, I didn’t have too much trouble folding it, and I even flipped it, and tucked it under. I transferred to the floured towel, and wrapped it up for a couple of hours more.

So, after the 2 hour rest in the towel, I unwrapped and tried to flop it into the preheated (4 qt) cast iron pot. When I flipped it upside down, it just hung there, and slowly fell, pulling and stretching the dough all the way down into the pot! I was so bummed.

I can’t seem to get the dough not to stick to the towel no matter how much flour I use. sigh. So, no more towels! I am going to just use parchment paper, and plop that into the pot!

As you can see from the photo below, I don’t think it lifted quite high enough in the oven. So, it looks like a cake! So what! It’s bread cake!

Oh but I did buy a cheap oven thermometer to check my oven temp, and it registered at 350° so that is good!

2nd try at whole grain no-knead bread.

So, after it cools for a little bit longer, I will slice it and hopefully it won’t be too dense.

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