Heirloom Navel Oranges

Oh yum. I was at Whole Foods grocery yesterday (my favorite place to be) and the produce guy, Jason, was very helpful. I was asking him a few questions about the apples on sale, and when organic peaches, plums, nectarines arrive, and after he saw me choosing a few navel oranges, he came over to me and offered me two (free) Heirloom Navel oranges to take home. It was very nice. The oranges were soo cute with the leaves attached. I am such a sucka for fruit with leaves attached!

heirloom oranges from ripe to you

Anyway, I just had one now. Jason said they were very sweet, and he was correct! Oh it was yummy! Very easy to peel and it was so sweet.

The label said they were from a company called www.ripetoyou.com so of course I had to look them up. The company is from California (of course, they do grow the BEST and ONLY navel oranges I will eat) and it sounds like they are a wonderful caring company.

I am always bummed because the California Navel orange availability is always so fleeting. It looks like I only have a couple more weeks for my favorite Cara Cara, but the Heirloom Navel will still be available until the beginning of May. It was helpful to view their online Variety Chart to see when fruits were in season.

Anyway, I love Whole Foods! Jason also helped me find a pineapple on sale! Oh and unfortunately, organic peaches, plums, nectarines, etc won’t be available until summer, end of June or early July.

Yum, I love eating in season! So much to appreciate and look forward to!

4 thoughts on “Heirloom Navel Oranges”

  1. The Heirloom Naval Oranges my sister got from Renton, Washington were delicious indeed, very delicious and tasty! They are actually the best oranges I have ever tasted.

  2. I’d love to know how they grow oranges in Washington state. I have tried googling, and I couldn’t find much info on growing outside the warmer states, although there is a some info on growing indoors.

  3. They do not grow oranges in WA state. Oranges found in WA are grown either in California or Florida and shipped there.

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