163.8 pounds – Thinking About Summer Cheats

Phew! My weight is steady at 163.8 pounds. Got through the weekend, thankfully!

I kept seeing food on the TV and all these feelings started. The McDonald’s commercial offering 2 fish fillet sandwiches for $3.33 taunted me. I love fish fillet sandwiches and I could eat two at a time when there was a deal like this going on!

So last night, doubt started to creep in. Could I really live this way forever? In the past, we would use summer vacation (and even weekends) as an “excuse” to pig out on all our favorite foods. Pizza, burgers, fried fish, shakes, ice cream, carrot cake, cheese cake, whoopie pies.

Will I be able to maintain this new lifestyle? Can I find a balance when we go on vacation? If I want to eat a fattening dessert, will I be able to keep my goals in perspective and stop at a smaller portion? Will I fall back into bad habits?

The doubt was really crazy for a few minutes last night, and I think I worry about my husband more than me. We were co-dependents, giving permission to the other one to eat everything and anything on vacation or weekends. Now it has to be different. If we want to play, then we have to pay, with extra work-outs! I am hoping I can stay strong and keep him strong. I know that if I give in, and allow us to have too many cheats, he will cave and revert back to eating poorly. I don’t want that to happen!

But I think I will be okay. Sure, there will be lots of temptations! And I am going to have to face them. If I want to give in once in awhile and cheat a little, I must be accountable and compensate for my actions! One day at a time!

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