Trouble Trouble Trouble

This wasn’t one of my better weeks. No, it wasn’t horrible, but I feel like my choices haven’t been the best.

First, getting a cold set me back on my workouts. And since I was feeling crappy from Friday to Wednesday, we had a couple take out meals.

The other day, we had Chinese, and while we ordered steamed chicken and vegetables, we still ate vegetable fried rice. No, it wasn’t the worst food to eat, but it surely wasn’t the best. I did freeze the rest of the rice so we could have it on a later date, instead of eating it the next day.

And then last night, we each ordered Chicken Parmesan with bow tie Pasta from a local Italian takeout. It was fantastic! But oh so bad, and oh such a huge portion! We did manage to split our dinners into two, so we could have the leftovers today for lunch, but then it’s like TWO bad meals in a row.

I told my DH that next time we are going to split ONE dinner between the two of us, so there will be no leftovers. I just hate eating like that two days in a row.

And I feel a bit more bloated and slightly bigger today. I know I am on the heavy side of the scale, but I will get back on track!

It scares me when I eat like that. It’s like I can’t stop myself. Take out Italian is not like the pasta I make here at home, where I top a smaller portion of whole wheat pasta with a lot of filling sauce! I feel satisfied with the portion, and I don’t feel the need to overeat or add more to my plate. When eating out, especially with Italian pasta, I want to eat the whole darn thing! I don’t feel full and I don’t feel satisfied.

I have been trying to figure out why, and it seems to partly psychological and partly the specific food on the plate. I don’t have the same drastic issues when we get takeout steamed Chinese or Greek stir fry. I think because white pasta isn’t very filling and there is not much tomato sauce. I don’t know what it is….but it really scares me because I can revert back to my old ways so quickly! I don’t like the feeling of losing control like that, but I suppose it’s good that I recognize that there is a problem and can face it while trying to find a solution.

I know I will always have this “addiction” but if I can accept my limitations and try to limit my exposure, I think I will be okay. Yes, I know I will be okay! I have to be okay!

Yes, I will be okay. I won’t give in and go back to my old habits!

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