Is Eating Healthy More Expensive?

I just calculated my spending amounts for food, comparing the total for dining out and groceries from month’s past to what I am spending now eating healthier. Surprisingly, the totals were fairly equal.

On average, I would spend about $700 to $800 per month for both groceries and dining out. It’s still the same now, but I am spending much more on groceries and way less on dining out. Yeah, I could be saving a whole bunch more if I tried to cut a few more corners and maybe not purchase so many expensive items, and I really should try a little bit harder to work on that!

Eating clean and responsibly is expensive, I don’t care what anyone says! :) But I figure that I feel so much better inside and out when eat this way, so it’s worth it, right?

I hope in the next 6 months or so, I will have a better handle on things, and hopefully, I can budget our food spending a bit more. We’ll see!

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