Good Health Natural Naked Popcorn

I love popcorn, but don’t snack on it very often anymore because of the extra carbs.

But I still regularly look at popcorn bags at the grocery store trying to find a low calorie snack. Most times, the calories are just too high. I mean 6-8 servings per bag!? I am afraid that we’d be tempted to eat several servings!

But today at Whole Foods, I found a 4 oz bag of Good Health Natural Naked Popcorn. Four 1oz servings at 120 calories each.

Good Health Natural Naked Popcorn nutritional data


I had planned on eating 2 servings which wouldn’t be terribly bad at 240 calories, but I decided to stick with only one serving and save room for some fruit afterward.

So it tasted very food. Light not too salty. I suppose those wanting a full buttery flavor might be disappointed, but I enjoyed it. It is not something I would buy on a regular basis, but I would buy again for a good healthy snack. What I really should be doing is popping my own popcorn. I bought a jar of organic popcorn weeks ago, and still haven’t tried it!

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