165.4 – Still gaining

Well, I am hoping that it has to do with my “time of the month” coming up soon. I can’t imagine that it’s actually “real” weight, but hey, a lot of this journey hasn’t made a lot of sense to me. Whenever I weighed myself and lost, it’s felt a miracle. Maybe my body is just adjusting. I don’t know.

But I am going to be okay, either way. When my body is ready, it will let go of more weight. I just have to be patient. I need to take it one day at a time. And I really need to stop focusing on the scale! I know I know! I want to weigh myself every day, but it’s not healthy to obsess on the scale. I need to just focus on each day, and try my best. That is what matters the most, not how much I weigh, but how healthy I really am and how good I feel!

So, I updated my “goals” over at My Fitness Pal, and my calories have been adjusted. I am still at 1/2 pound weekly goal and my calories are now 1690.

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